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Title DLL Author
Annales Postumius Albinus, A. (Aulus)
Annales Servilius Nonianus, Marcus, 1st Century A.D.
Annales Piso Frugi, Lucius Calpurnius
Annales Scribonius Libo Drusus, Marcus, -16
Annales Tacitus, Cornelius
Annales Atticus, Titus Pomponius
Annales Cremutius Cordus, A. (Aulus), -25
Annales Granius Licinianus
Annales Claudius Quadrigarius, Quintus
Annales Lambert, von Hersfeld
Annales (921-1167) Magnus, of Reichersberg
Annales (Fenestella) Fenestella, active 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.
Annales Bertiniani. Pars II. Prudentius, Bishop of Troyes
Annales Bertiniani. Pars III. Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims
Annotationes in Quaedam Evangeliorum Loca Arnobius, the Younger
Anonymi Comici et Tragici
Anonymi Epici et Lyrici
Antapodosis Liudprand, Bishop of Cremona
Anthologia Latina
Anthologia Latina XX Octavianus