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Title DLL Author
Agesilaus Nepos, Cornelius
Aggaeus Jerome, Saint, 419 or 420
Alcibiades Nepos, Cornelius
Alcyones Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Alda William, of Blois
Alethia Victor, Claudius Marius
Alexander Severus Aeli Lampridii (dub.) Lampridius, Aelius
Alexandreis Walter, of Châtillon, active 1170-1180
Alexandri Aphrodisiensis problemata Gazēs, Theodōros, approximately 1400-approximately 1475, Alexander, of Aphrodisias
Alexandri Tralliani de medicina (Practica)
Alexandri Tralliani de medicina (practica) (dub.) Alexander, of Tralles, approximately 525-approximately 605
Alfonseis Matthaeus Zuppardus ca. 1430
alia carmina epica Naevius, Gnaeus
Allegoriae quaedam sanctae Scripturae uel De nominibus legis et euangelii Isidore, of Seville, Saint
Allocutio Archidiaconi Ad Episcopum Pro Reconciliatione Poenitentium Leo I, Pope
Allocutio Sponsalis Avitus Gallonius
Alphonsi regis triumphus Beccadelli, Antonio, 1394-1471
Altercatio Hadriani Augusti et Epicteti philosophi
Altercatio Hadriani Augusti et Epictiti Philosophi
Altercatio legis inter Simonem Iudaeum et Theophilum Christianum Evagrius, Monachus