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Title DLL Author
Antibucolica Numitorius
Anticato Caesar, Julius
Anticlaudianus Alanus, de Insulis
Antidotarium Bruxellense
Antiquitates Rerum Divinarum Varro, Marcus Terentius
Antiquitates Rerum Humanarum Varro, Marcus Terentius
Antoninus Caracallus Aeli Spartiani (dub.) Spartianus, Aelius
Antoninus Geta Aeli Spartiani (dub.) Spartianus, Aelius
Antonius Pontano, Giovanni Gioviano
Anulus siue dialogus inter Christianum et Iudaeum Rupert, of Deutz
Aphorismi Hippocrates Latinus
Apocalypsis Jerome, Saint, 419 or 420
Apocolocyntosis Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D.
Apologetica ad reprehensores libri de Synodis responsa Hilary, Saint, Bishop of Poitiers, -367?
Apologeticum Tertullian
Apologeticum de tribus capitulis Julianus, Saint, Bishop of Toledo
Apologeticus Berengar, of Tours
Apologeticus Manetti, Giannozzo, 1396-1459
Apologeticus Contra Recentes Impugnatorem Dexter, Flavius Lucius 368-444
Apologi Avianus