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Title DLL Author
Ad Gebehardum Manegold, von Lautenbach
Ad Heinricum IV imperatorem libri VII Benzo, Bishop of Alba
Ad Justinum Manichaeum Contra Duo Principia Manichaeorum Victorinus, Marius
Ad Lupum Gottschalk, of Orbais, approximately 803-approximately 867
Ad M. Antoninum Imp. Epist. Fronto, Marcus Cornelius
Ad M. Caesarem et Invicem Fronto, Marcus Cornelius
Ad magistrum Thomam Stretzinger octostichon Vadianus, Joachim, 1484-1551
Ad martyras Tertullian
Ad Monimum libri III Fulgentius, Saint, Bishop of Ruspa
Ad nationes Tertullian
Ad Novatianum Pseudo-Cyprian
Ad Quendam Senatoren Pseudo-Cyprian
Ad Quirinum Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage
Ad S. Cornelium appendices Cornelius, Pope
Ad Sanctum Augustinum epistola Secundinus, Manichaeus
Ad Scapulam Tertullian
Ad senatorem, ex Christiana religione ad idolorum servitutem conversum Tertullian
Ad Synodum in Palatio Habitam Oratio de Pace Constantine I, Emperor of Rome
Ad Thamesin Campion, Thomas
Ad Theodoricum Regem Relatio Episcoporum Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths, 454?-526