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Title DLL Author
Andria (periocha) Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius
Anecdotes historiques, le´gendes et apologues Stephanus, de Borbone, -approximately 1261
Anecdoton Holderi quod dicitur, scilicet excerpta ex Cassiodori libello de ordine generis Cassiodororum Cassiodorus, Senator
Anecdoton Holderi: Excerpta ex Cassiodori libello quod nuncupatur 'Ordo generis Cassiodororum' Cassiodorus, Senator
Anecdotum medicum
Anechomenos Apuleius
Angelinetum Marrasio, Giovanni, approximately 1404-1452
Anima Christi Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Animadversiones in lampadem Lullianam Bruno, Giordano, 1548-1600
Annales Macer, C. Licinius (Caius Licinius)
Annales Gaius Sempronius Tuditanus
Annales Varro, Marcus Terentius
Annales Valerius Antias, Quintus
Annales Ennius, Quintus
Annales Cassius Hemina
Annales Gellius, Cn.
Annales Fabius Maximus Servilianus, Q.
Annales Vennonius
Annales Coelius Antipater, Lucius
Annales Fabius Pictor