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Title DLL Author
Apologi centum Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472
Apologia Erasmus, Desiderius
Apologia Sigebert, of Gembloux, approximately 1030-1112
Apologia Apuleius
Apologia (contra Hieronymum) Rufinus, of Aquileia
Apologia ad Guillelmum abbatem Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint
Apologia aduersus libros Rufini Jerome, Saint, 419 or 420
Apologia contra Bernardum Abelard, Peter
Apologia Dauid altera Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan
Apologia Evangeliorum Adversus Theostenem Ethnicum (fragmentum) Magnetes
Apologia quam pro se misit Rufinus presbyter ad Anastasium, Romanae urbis episcopum Rufinus, of Aquileia
Apologiae In Sanctum Hieronimum Libri Duo Rufinus, of Aquileia
Apophoreta Martial
Apophthegmata Macarius, the Egyptian, Saint, active 4th century
Apospasmaton De Rebus Emeritensibus Ex Hispania Antiqua Tamayo de Vargas, Tomás, 1588-1641
Appendicula. Vetera Monumenta Duo Capituli Nicetas, of Remesiana, Saint
Appendix Ad Libros Regum Isidore, of Seville, Saint
Appendix ad Opera S. Caesarii Caesarius, of Arles, Saint
Appendix ad opus 'Lutheranismi hypotyposis' pertinens Lawrence, of Brindisi, Saint, 1559-1619
Appendix Decem Monumentorum Veterum Optatus, Saint, Bishop of Mileve