Many people contributed to this resource.

Funding came from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Scholarly Communications Division.

The University of Oklahoma's Vice President for Research Kelvin Drogemeier provides server space and general support.

The following Undergraduate and graduate research assistants at the University of Oklahoma combed through numerous reference works and web sites to assemble the core information for the records in the catalog:

  • Renée Baker
  • Ryan Bott
  • Allison Campbell
  • Gina Cash
  • Anna-Rose Cozad
  • Sarah Crain
  • Francesco Gerali
  • Matthew Haught
  • Elizabeth Knapp
  • Alexander Konieczny
  • Matt Mitchell
  • Campbell Nilsen
  • Ana Oaxaca
  • Alexandra Owens
  • Rebekah Silverstein
  • AJ Wachter

June Abbas (Professor, OU School of Library and Information Studies) developed and conducted user studies that informed the data model and feature design for this site.

The administration and staff of OU Libraries have been instrumental in the design and construction of this site. We are particularly appreciative of the support we have received from the following people:

  • Rick Luce, former dean of OU Libraries
  • Carl Grant, Interim Dean of OU Libraries
  • Tara Carlisle, Digital Scholarship Specialist
  • Logan Cox, Infrastructure Developer
  • Mark Laufersweiler, Research Data Specialist
  • Tyler Pearson, Director of Informatics
  • Jen Waller, Director of Open Initiatives & Scholarly Communication

The site's theme was designed and built by Beth Soderberg of Fíonta (, in collaboration with Samuel J. Huskey and with project management by Erin Rickard (also of Fíonta).

Alex Ward wrote templates for dynamically displaying content in JSON-LD and provided technical support and advice for data security, backup, and migration.

Samuel J. Huskey built the site, configured the content types and the Solr search database, and wrote the scripts for serializing the data in JSON-LD. He is the general editor of the content of the DLL Catalog.

Innumerable people helped by sharing information and expertise, but the following deserve special acknowledgment:

  • Greg Crane, for support, advice, and encouragement.
  • Alison Babeu, for sharing information and background from the Perseus Catalog.
  • Hugh Cayless and Tom Elliott, for advice on Linked Open Data and other technical and scholarly subjects.
  • Paul Dilley, for sharing information from the Iowa Canon of Greek and Latin Authors and Works.