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Title DLL Author
Vita beati Mauri Laurentius, of Monte Cassino
Vita beatorum abbatum Benedicti, Ceolfridi, Eosterwini, Sigfridi et Hwaetberti Bede, the Venerable, Saint
Vita Bennonis II episcopi Osnabrugensis Norbert, Abbot of Iburg
Vita Bercharii Adso, Abbot of Montier-en-Der, -992
Vita Bernwardi episcopi Hildesheimensis Thangmar, of Hildesheim
Vita Bernwardi episcopi Hildsheimensis Wolfhere, of Hildesheim
Vita boni monachi Thomas, à Kempis, 1380-1471
Vita Bonifatii Willibald, of Mainz
Vita Bonifatii Othlo, Monk of St. Emmeram
Vita Bonifatii Moguntini (uita secunda) Radboud, Bishop of Utrecht
Vita Caesarii ep. Arelatensis. Liber II Messianus, of Arles
Vita Chounradi episcopi Constantiensis Udalscalcus, of Augsburg
Vita Christophori Walter, of Speyer
Vita Clodii Albini Iulii Capitolini (dub.) Capitolinus, Julius, active 300
Vita Cuthberti metrica Bede, the Venerable, Saint
Vita Cypriani Pontius, Saint, Deacon of Carthage
Vita Deoderici I. episcopi Mettensis Sigebert, of Gembloux, approximately 1030-1112
Vita Deoderici Mettensis Sigebert, of Gembloux, approximately 1030-1112
Vita domni Ioannis Morinensis episcopi Gautier, de Thérouanne
Vita Epiphanii Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint