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Title DLL Author
Versus de cuculo Alcuin, 735-804
Versus de miraculis patris Benedicti Bertharius, Saint
Versus de pugna Fontanetica Angilbert, Abbot of Saint-Riquier, approximately 745-814
Versus de sancta Brigida Colman, Saint
Versus de sancto Nabore Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
Versus de tribus dicendi generibus William, of Saint-Thierry, Abbot of Saint-Thierry, approximately 1085-1148?
Versus de VII sapientibus (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici)
Versus et Liturgica Lantbert, von Deutz
Versus Eucheriae poetriae Eucheria ca. 6th/7th century
Versus fortasse Clementis(?) (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici)
Versus fortasse Enniani (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici) (dub.) Ennius, Sex.
Versus fortasse Luciliani (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici) (dub.) Lucilius, Gaius, approximately 180 B.C.-approximately 102 B.C.
Versus Hor. Sat. I 10 praemissi (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici)
Versus in Caesares Romanos ex Historia Augusta (Anonymi Epici et Lyrici)
Versus in Colmanum Perheriles Scottigena Ficti Patrie Cupidum et Remeantem Cogitosus, Saint
Versus in mensa Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
Versus in Metellos (dub.) Naevius, Gnaeus
Versus in Naevium (Caecilius Metellus) Metellus, Quintus Caecilius, active 216 B.C.-179 B.C.
Versus In Natali Machabeorum Martyrium Hilary, Saint, Archbishop of Arles
Versus in Vergilium Cornificius Gallus