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Title DLL Author
Vita Adalberonis episcopi Augustani: Praefatio Udalscalcus, of Augsburg
Vita Adalberonis II episcopi Mettensis Constantine, of St. Symphorian
Vita Adalberti episcopi Pragensis Bruno, of Querfurt, Saint
Vita Adalhardi abbatis Corbeiensis Paschasius Radbertus, Saint
Vita Albani martyris Moguntinensis Gozechin
Vita Albini (Albani) Andegavensis Fortunatus, Venantius Honorius Clementianus
Vita Alexandri Severi Eucolpius ca. 3rd century
Vita Alexandri Severi Septimius
Vita Alexandri Severi Gargilius Martialis, Quintus
Vita altera Bonifatii Radboud, Bishop of Utrecht
Vita Altera Sigeberti III, Regis Francorum (dub.) Sigebert, of Gembloux, approximately 1030-1112
Vita Amandi episcopi II Milo, monk of Saint-Amand
Vita Anscharii Hammaburgensis Rimbert, Saint, Archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen, approximately 830-888
Vita Antonii monachi Lirinensis Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint
Vita Augustini Possidius, Saint
Vita Bauonis Gandensis (uita tertia) Theodoric, of Sint-Truiden
Vita Bavonis Theodoric, of Sint-Truiden
Vita Beatae Fabiolae Jerome, Saint, 419 or 420
Vita beatae Mariae Aegyptiacae Hildebert, Archbishop of Tours
Vita Beati Antonii Abbatis Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria