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Title DLL Author
Vita Wicberti Gemblacensis Sigebert, of Gembloux, approximately 1030-1112
Vita Wigberti abbatis Friteslariensis Lupus, of Ferrières
Vita Willehadi episcopi Bremensis Ansgar, Saint, Archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen, approximately 801-865
Vita Willibrordi archiep. Traiectensis Alcuin, 735-804
Vita Wolbodonis episcopi Leodiensis Reiner, of Liège
Vita Wolfkangi episcopi Ratisponensis Othlo, Monk of St. Emmeram
Vita, translationes, miracula Landoaldi, Landradae et sociorum Heriger, of Lobbes
Vitae Aelius Iunius Cordus 3rd century
Vitae Nepos, Cornelius
vitae Oppius, C.
Vitae Adfectatorum Tyrannidis Aemilius Parthenianus
Vitae Vergilianae
Vitae Vergilianae, Vita Bernensis
Vitae Vergilianae, Vita Gudianae
Vitae Vergilianae, Vita Monacensis
Vitae Vergilianae, Vita Noricensis
Vitellius Suetonius, approximately 69-approximately 122
Waltharius Ekkehard I, Dean of St. Gall, -973
Xenia Martial
Ysengrimus Nivardus